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GE LOGIQ 100 PRO Series Ultrasound System(PORTABLE DIGITAL) (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

* Portable compact ultrasound imaging system with foldable
* operating panel and dual port for the operation of
* two probes (optional) or probe adapter (optional)
* Linear, convex and micro-convex-array technology
* 16-channel fully Digital Beamformer
* Continuous dynamic aperture adjustment
* Free adjustable transmit focus and Parallel-Focus ultrasound (high frame rates achieved by Acoustic Parallel Processing)
* Dynamic self-adjusting receive focus.

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* B-Mode
* Dual B-Image (B/B-Mode)
* B/M-Mode
* M-Mode
* 276 mm (width) x 244 mm (height) x 405 mm (depth)
* 9.8 kg (without probes)

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