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GE Logiq C5 Premium Ultrasound Machine (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

* Small footprint and light weight for easy movement.
* Wide-view 15 High resolution LCD with tilt and fold capability for easy viewing & safe system movement.
* Ergonomic hard key operations with backlit keys.
* User programmable presets for quicker system setup.
* User defined keys for greater operating convenience.
* Quick saving of image data to memory stick for storage and archiving.
* DICOM enables easy connectivity with workstations and improved management of imaging data.

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* Height: 1271mm, Width 500mm, Depth 632mm.
* Weight: Approx 70Kg.
* Operating modes: B mode, M mode, AMM, Color flow mode, Power doppler imaging, Pulse wave doppler, Triplex, Tissue harmonics.

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