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Gemi Aerosol Disinfector 5 Liter (Fumigator)

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Technical Specifications :
• Output : 5 Lts/hr
• Speed : 2960 rpm
• Power : 0.3 Amps 65 W
• Timer (Optional) : 0-90 min. Timer
• Height : 17*
• Weight (dry) : 8 kgs

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The GEMI Aerosol Disinfector is made of stainless steel with a strong heart-a centrifugal sealed type fractional motor. The motor shaft, nuts and bolts are of high quality stainless steel and brass. Other components used in equipment are made of good quality rubber and thermoplastic to ensure the durability and non corrosion of the equipment. The disinfector instantly destroys even air born bacteria and extremely easy to operate. The Aerosol Disinfector is ideal for de - contamination of Operation theaters, wards of hospital, pharmaceutical labs, Production units, Animal houses, Poultry farms, Hatcheries, Egg strorage and silk worm rearing houses in sericulture industries.

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