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Gold and Charcoal Toothbrush with Crystal Handle toothbrush by Nano-B

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* These particles release negatively charged ions that penetrate bacterial cells, suppressing the cell`s respiration and metabolism.
* The other half of the brush bristles are integrated with bamboo charcoal particles.
* Bamboo charcoal is a form of carbon, which is one of the best known natural teeth whiteners.
* Carbon removes acidic plaque from teeth, as well as stains commonly caused by drinking coffee and smoking.

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* Nano-b`s charcoal and gold toothbrush is particularly useful for those looking to whiten their teeth in a natural way.
* It merges the antibacterial properties of gold with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal.
* This brush is recommended for those with stained, discolored teeth and those looking for complete oral care protection combining health and beauty.
* Half the bristles are integrated with genuine gold nano-particles.

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