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HMD IV Cannula 22G

Quick Overview

* Box of : 100
* Needle Gauge: 22G
* Catheter Ext. DiaxLength: 0.80*25
* Water flow -rate:38
* Color code:Blue

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* VOLEX proprietary polymer, Cathy I.V.cannulas(With/Without injection port cap) make a technological leap into the future of medical care with a never-before range of benefits for both, the patients and medical staff. These include:
* Cost advantages
* Ease of insertion without peelback-making second and third reinsertions possible without having to throw away I.V. Cannulas on unsuccessful cannulation.
* Fewer complications-minimising the risk of thrombus generation while reducing medication costs.
* Pain advantages
* Minimal trauma-as the penetration force required is 30% Lower then of PTFE catheters.
* Minimal intimal irritation and risk of phlebitis.
* 2 way/1 way I.V. Cannula with wings
* It is provided with low pressure injection valve to facilitate extra medication and to prevent its back flow.
* Medicine can be injected by a syringe without needle thereby reducing chances of infection and preventing needle stick injuries. Cost of needle is also saved.
* The valve is protected with easy to open Injection Port Cap.
* Coloured Injection Port Cap for size identification.
* It offers safe and convenient method of atraumatic administration of medicines.
* Angled & grooved wings offer easy fixation and prevent shifting & rolling of cannula in the patient's body.
* Single use, sterile, non-pyrogenic and nontoxic.
* WINGS: are made up of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with any medication. The injection port and the receiving end of the wing have a 6% luer taper as per ISO:594.
* Incorporates a flash-back chamber in the hub, blood stopper and luer lock cap.
* NEEDLE: is made from cold rolled stainless steel strip. The tip of the needle has a short bevel 'back' cut point for easy catheterisation and minimal pain and risk of perforation.

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