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HMS Computerised Cervical cum Lumbar Traction unit (DIGITRAC)

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Features :
* Brand Name : HMS
* Dimension : 12???11.3???11 inch
* Item Weight : 8 kg
* Model Text : Digitrac
* Specifications : Max.Weight: 3-45 Kg(1 Kg Steps)
(90 Kgs With Doubler)
Min.Weight: 0-44 Kg(1 Kg Steps)
Hold Time: 1-99 Seconds(1 Sec Step)
Rest Time: 199 Seconds(1 sec step)
* Tsin : T002167203
* Voltage : 90-270 V, 50/60 Hz

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* Digitrac Is Continuous And Intermittent Traction Unit. It Is Ideal For Both Cervical And Lumbar Traction.
* It Is The First Indigenous Product Of Its Kind. Built In Micro Controller For Accuracy And Consistency. Soft Touch Membrane Keys Are Used To Select The Parameters. Bar Graph Display Indicates The Traction Force. Weight And Hold Time/Rest Time Can Be Set With 1 Unit Step. Traction Force From 3 Kg To 45 Kg (Upto 90 Kg With Doubler) High Quality Improved Heavy Duty DC Motor For Durability And Smooth Function.

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