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HMS Computerised Combo unit of Medium & Low Frequency Currents with 64 pre-programs (UNISTIM)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Therapy Modes : 4 Pole, 4 Pole Vector 900, 4 Pole Vector 450, 2 Pole pre-modulated
* Carrier Frequency : 4 and 2 Khz
* Base Frequency : 0  150 Hz (Continuously adjustable)
* Sweep Frequency : 0  100 Hz (Continuously adjustable)
* Sweep Modulation Programs : 1/1 Sec, 1/5 Sec, 6/6 Sec
* Both medium and low frequency currents
* 64 Pre-programs condition wise with protocols
* Cable and electrode checking mode
* User settable memory
* Cap-sense keys
* Built in rechargeable battery (optional)
* Light weight and compact design
* Easy to operate
* Plastic moulded cabinet
* Future upgrade without change in hardware
* DSP Based circuitry, outputs are in 100% accuracy
* Large graphic LCD display
* International standards and specifications
* Advanced patient safety system
* PC Interface facility (in future)

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Specifications :
* The Unistim is an advanced therapeutic equipment in the field of electrotherapy.
* More than 12 different current types can be selected, providing facilities for all modern electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic applications.
* In the development of the unit simplicity of operation and functionality were the principal consideration.
* All the available types of current and therapy are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen.
* The corresponding parameters are easily set with five soft touch keys.
* Pre-programmed memory with treatment applications offers protocols for more than 64 frequently occurring indications.
* And users can store their settings in user memory.

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