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Hospital Management System-Quanta V.4 HIS

Quick Overview

Easy to Use:
* User friendly design
* Easy to customize
* Graphical user interface
* Easy to install
Effective Performance:
* Comprehensive performance reports
* Effective search facility to search any type of information related to patient
* Highly secure
* User wise authentication of modules
* Authentication and verification of entries through audit trail facility
Server Based:
* Single server based
* Database driven
* Modular approach
* Multi branch ready
* Centralized database connectivity
Amazing Front-End:
* Graphical presentation of MIS
* Graphical presentation of the data for top management for analysis
* Graphical user interface
* Package supports adaptability and scalability of software making it more robust
* General and standardized health packages for the OPD and IPD patients generated
* Interface facility with the smart card technology
* Interface with the bar code,
* Interface with various Laboratory equipment for Data Capturing
* HL7
* HIPAA Compliance programming
* Single window view to locate patient Billing Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History, Clinical notes, OT details etc
* Built in work flow management for all functional areas
* Multiple store accounting

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Objectives of Hospital Computerization:
* Improves Efficiency
* Access information anywhere anytime
* Information on one touch
* Less paper work
* Reducing cost
* Digitally connected healthcare network
Clinical Management:
* Laboratory information system
* Radiology information system
* Operation theatre
* Management blood bank
* ICCU/ICU general electronic
* Medical records
Management Information:
* Administrative statistics
* Case mix management
* Resource utilization reports
* Clinical statistics
* Decision support system
* Financial analysis
Finance and Administration:
* Inventory management
* Doctor accounting
* Budgeting and planning
* Costing
* Fixed asset management
Support Services:
* Material management
* Storage and procurement
* Management
* Human resource management
* House keeping
* Asset management
* Emergency services

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