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J.Mitra HIV Tri-Dot + Ag - 50 Tests (Catalog no.IR241050)

Quick Overview

* Rapid visual test, based on Flow through Technology
* Rapid test for simultaneous and differential detection of p24 Antigen & antibodies for HIV on the same device
* Ideal for Blood screening: detects sero-negative HIV Cases
* Use of gp-41, C terminus of gp120 for HIV-1 antibodies & gp-36 for HIV -2 antibodies
* Detection of Group  0 & subtype  C of HIV-1, which is most prevalent in India
* Unique washing steps for clear Interpretation of Results

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Intended Use:
* The 4th Generation HIV TRI-DOT + Ag test is a visual, rapid, sensitive and accurate immunoassay for the differential detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen and HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies (IgG) in Human Serum or Plasma
* The test is a screening test for p24 antigen (HIV-1), anti-HIV-1 & anti-HIV-2 and is for in vitro diagnostic use only
* It is intended for screening of blood donors or other individuals at risk for HIV-1 & HIV-2 infection and for clinical diagnostic testing
* HIV TRI-DOT + Ag test is an enzyme immunoassay based on  Sandwich immunoassay
* HIV antigens and p24 antibody is immobilized on a porous immunofiltration membrane
* Samples /specimen and reagents pass through membrane followed by addition of enzyme conjugate (HIV antigens & p24 antibody linked with HRPO)
* A sandwich complex is formed on membrane where HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies or p24 antigen (from serum sample) is sandwiched between the antigens (HIV-1 & HIV-2) & p24 antibodies linked HRPO conjugate
* The membrane is washed using wash buffer solution which is absorbed into the underlying membrane
* Then substrate solution containing chromogen & hydrogen peroxide is added to the membrane
* If p24 antigens and/or HIV-1 & HIV-2 antibodies are present in patient s sample, a blue test dot at respective position appear with control dot
* The color intensity of test dot is directly proportional to the amount of HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 and/or p24 antigen present in the specimen
* Finally the reaction is stopped by stop solution and read visually within 5 to 15 minutes
* Pack Size: 50 Tests

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