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Komfy Fumigator (5 Itrs Capacity)

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* KOMFY Fumigator compact model, ideally suit for decontamination of operation theaters, Ward in Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Pharmaceutical Labs & Production Units etc
* Instantly converts liquids formalin into true aerosol particles
* Due to high aerodynamic stability the formalin droplets remain suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration and because of penetrating properly ensure 100% sterile germ free and Zero-Bacteria Environment
* Eliminates the Cumbersome process involved in the conventional method of fumigation
* Can be easily operated even by a ward-boy

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* KOMFY Fumigator (5 Itrs Capacity)
* A single unit can sterilize 250 cu.mtrs
* About 9000 just 30-60 minutes
* Suitable to work on 220 V, Single phase, 50 Hz, Ac Supply
* Available in Aluminum & Stainless steel body
* Capacities : 1.5 Liters, 5.0 Liters

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