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Laboratory Management System-MAXIM LIS

Quick Overview

* Collection center master
* User master
* Test master
* Lab unit master
* Account master
Internet and Intranet Based:
* Consist of Unlimited LAN terminals license, plus host of new features added
* Complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory
Easy Add/Edit/Search:
* Add/edit customer
* Add/edit doctor
* Edit test
* Patient search
* Maxim LIS comes with Billing
* Inventory and accounting management inbuilt in the software
* Patients can access reports via Internet using Login Name and Password, Software as per NABL Guidelines
Aadhar Linking:
* The software is linked with aadhar card
* System reads the information from aadhar card and displays it on various forms in the software
* Specimen collection, Specimen rejection/hold, Sample status, Discard sample type report
Admin Section :
* Maxim LIS provides admin section to handle all the operations at once
* Summary report (investigation report)
* Reports with graphical representation
* Discard sample type report
* Print reports
* Maxim LIS is able to send report to collection Centre via internet
Test Results:
* Auto load default test results
* Add/edit test result patient entry
* Print multiple test results on a single page
* On one page combine Heamogram + Biochemistry reports

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* User-friendly
* Software solution for Medical Diagnostic Labs
* Used in any diagnostic centre where pathological and radiological tests are performed
* Software has got all ready formats of radiology test
* It gives facility of reporting, billing, accounting and reagent/film management and interfacing
* Healthcare Diagnostic Lab Data Management software can be used, for automation of any Clinical or medical diagnostic Centre
* Software runs on internet and intranet
* System can work on LAN and can be accessed from anywhere

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