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LABTOP Micro Controller Based Vertical Ultra Plasma Freezer with capacity of 398 liters

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Features :
* Name of Equipment LABTOP® Micro Controller based Ultra Vertical Plasma Freezer
* Control System Micro controller based temperature indicator cum controller with Digital display and PT 100 sensor.
* Alarm Audio Visual Alarm if the temperature deviates from the preset temperature
* Temperature Recorder 7 Days Circular Chart
* Refrigeration System Hermetically Sealed CFC Free single stage refrigeration with Emerson Compressor
* Trays Specially designed Stainless Steel Plasma basket.
* Inner chamber IMade of Stainless steel 304, 0.8 mm thick
* Outer Chamber Made of Mild steel, 1.0 mm thick duly powder coated
* Insulation 3 Thick CFC free PUF Insulation.
* Other Castor wheels, MCB, Heavy duty latch with lock & key
* Certifications ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485:2012
* Documentations User manual with Calibration Test reports
* Safety Features
1. 180 Sec. compressor  ON delay timer to safe guard the compressor.
2. Password protected keypad lock
GMDN: 17157
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Specifications :
* Capacity in bags : 398
* No. of Trays : 398
* No of Doors : 5
* Internal Size in cms (W x D x H) : 55x63x114
* External Size in cms (W x D x H) : 85x93x195
* Temperature Range : -40 to -86°C

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