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Laryngeal mask airway Silicone

Quick Overview

• Conforms to the contours of the hypopharynx for exceptional fit, allowing rapid, blind insertion.
• Rigid, yet flexible translucent tube enables you to detect blood, secretions and regurgitated gastric contents.
• Offers easy access for a fiberscope, suction catheter or tracheal tube.
• Cuff is thick and durable with a smooth matte finish that assures easy insertions with minimal resistance.
• Can be steam autoclaved and reused with confidence up to 40 times.

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• Size 1 is for neonates/infants up to 10 lbs
• Size 1.5 is for infants 12-22 lbs
• Size 2 is for infants/children 22-44 lbs
• Size 2.5 is for children 44-66 lbs
• Size 3 is for children 66-110 lbs
• Size 4 is for adults 110-155 lbs
• Size 5 is for adults 155-220 lbs.

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