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LifeLine Hermetic Sliding Door Set

Quick Overview

Features :
* Hermetic Sliding Door Sets
* Models: Automatic Sliding Door System, beam mounted with one hermetically sealing sliding door complete with an operator for providing automated operation of the sliding door leaf.
* Door : The doors provide hermetic function when completely closed and shall perform 3D movement at the door-closed position (move-in and down).
* Sizes : See list of manufacturers standard sizes
* Core : High density closed cell C.F.C and H.F.C free thermal conductivity.
* Finish : Steel with powder coating or high pressure laminated panel
* Colour : See list of manufacturers.
* Door frame and door jamb: Anodized aluminum
* Track : Aluminum rail system with nylon bearings.
* Guide : Internal bottom track with nylon guide
* Glazing : Size 300 x 300mm reinforced glasses or other size upon request.
* Canopy : Anodized aluminum with moveable joint.
* Operation : Electrical automation micro processor controlled with safety photo-cell, in-built safety sensor to open the door if obstructed. Optional with backup battery in case of power failure.

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Specifications :
* We introduce our business as a notable entity of qualitative array of Hermetic Sliding Door Set.
* Electronic control unit with plug-in connections and power supply.
* Entry/Exit activator or push pad
Safety device(s):
* Electronic emergency opening unit.
* Automatic reversing.
* Two way threshold presence safety system

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