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Lifeplus Auto CPAP LPM-201


Quick Overview

* Offering whisper-quiet therapy and user-friendly technology to enhance your comfort and ease of use.
* It is a CE certified product with working modes like CPAP, CPAP+ERP,Auto CPAP & titration mode.
* One touch botton makes the entire parameter operation easy to use. Customised germen motor and special sound insulation material makes very low noise.
* It comes with a Heated Humidifier for which can help ensure that your sleep therapy is free from dryness, nasal congestion, mouth leak and more.
* It is designed to update you the realtime sleep report and record the data in the in-Build SD card for making report.
* Life Plus products are known for their innovative, lightweight designs and top-tier technology, offering you more comfortable sleep apnea therapy.

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* Lifeplus Auto CPAP LPM-201.

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