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Matrix EnvoLite 180 LED Light Source

Quick Overview

* No heat: Virtually no heat generation due to highly energy efficient optics (much less as compared to other LED light sources).
* Low Power Consumption: Drastically low power consumption as compared to traditional halogen and xenon lights thus reducing overall cost of ownership.
* Compact and Portable: Overall 75% reduction in total volume and 50% reduction in weight as compared to a standard light source available in market.
* High Lifespan LEDs: The lifespan of LEDs is around 30,000 hours which corresponds to around 7 years of daily use; thus no frequent change of lamp required.
* True colour rendition: Perfect blend of white and yellow light giving the right colour temperature of natural daylight (around 5200K); thus giving superior tissue differentiation and better visibility to the surgeon.

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* Matrix Medical EnvoLite 180 LED Light Source

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