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Ankle Support

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Ankle Support

An ankle support brace is an assistive brace which is worn around the ankle area, it is made from a stretchy fabric that can feature plastic and metal supports. Some ankle supports can be worn around like a sock and other are lace-up ankle brace and Velcro straps. Ankle support provides protection and compression which results in a speedy recovery. Compression helps stimulate blood flow, better blood supply decreases the swelling.

Ankle braces are commonly worn for the rehabilitation process. They are made from rigid fabrics such as nylon and neoprene which allow limited movability of the ankle. To ensure the fixation, the foot part of the ankle brace includes a metal or plastic piece which provides rigidity. They are worn when someone has suffered from injuries such as swelling, fractures or inflammations of the joint. Ankle braces strengthen and support the ankle.

Ankle braces help in avoiding future injuries, especially to the people who have sensitive ankles and are more prone to spraining their ankles. They are designed in such a way that wearing them is not much of a task and even a kid can wear them.

Medikabazaar offers affordable ankle braces which help patients heal quickly and effectively. We provide hospitals with all types of ankle braces which are necessary for orthopedic departments. You can shop on our website as well as our mobile app.

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