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Compression Sleeve

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Compression Sleeve

A compression sleeve is a wearable fabric tube which is worn over arm, legs, and shoulder. It provides support to the muscles by compressing the muscles which in turn relaxes them. It improves performance in athletes by providing better reflexes and aids in the recovery process as well.

Compression sleeves help in stabilizing the muscles by decreasing the amount of muscular vibration which decreases the fatigue. Compression sleeves encourage blood flow which lessens the recovery time. So, if someone were suffering from cramps and they wear a compression sleeve, their recovery time will increase considerably.

A compression sleeve causes the arterial walls to dilate, which allows a greater volume of blood to pass through. The way the sleeve constricts the area it covers also increases the speed of blood flow. Therefore, more oxygenated blood passes through that particular area, this way blood removes waste more efficiently, resulting in faster recovery time. It should be noted that one should only wear a compression sleeve if advised by their Doctor because too much of a good thing is also a bad thing.

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