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Finger Support

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Finger Support

A finger is sprained when the ligaments that connect and support the joints and bones get damaged. It is very common and it can be excruciating, and hard to move. For most people resting, compressing, and icing the injured finger reduces inflammation and pain. It depends on the severity of the damage, a mildly damaged finger might heal in a few days of proper rehabilitation. The goal of rehabilitation is a speedy recovery so the patient can return to their daily activities in no time.

A finger brace is the best support aid to heal an injured finger, as it provides support and immobility which results in a quicker healing. Mild to moderate sprains can be fixed by taping the injured finger with medical tape. It is important to choose a finger brace which perfectly fits your finger and provides optimum support. Finger braces are also prescribed if a patient has a broken finger, sometimes wearing a cast is not feasible and that’s where finger splints are most handy. They are versatile and easy to apply.

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