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Medical Consumables

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Medical Consumables

Every hospital or healthcare facility requires a complete stock of medical consumables in their cabinets. This results in on-time first-aid and streamlined surgical procedures. Consumables can be necessities such as adhesive tapes to equipment that would be required in an ICU.

We understand the importance of stocked and loaded medical supplies inventory. Therefore, we offer thousands of medical products to cater to all your needs.

Respiratory Therapy – Patients suffering from respiratory failures rely on equipment that ease their suffering and aid them in breathing. We offer a variety of respiratory aids such as nasal cannula, concentration masks, CPAP masks, oxygen hood, oral airways, ventilator circuit, oxygen therapy consumables, etc.

  • Oxygen hood –It is used for infants who can breathe on their own but still require extra oxygen in their body. An oxygen hood is a plastic dome or box which provides moist and warm aerosol oxygen. Sometimes a nasal cannula, which is a thin and soft plastic tub can be used
  • Nebulizer mask –People suffering from irregular breathing use face masks that can either provide oxygen or any other aerosol medicine.
  • Oral airways – Oropharyngeal airway (OPA) is a medical device called airway adjunct which aids in maintaining the diameter of a patient’s airway.

Diagnostic Consumables – In medical terms diagnosis is the process of determining the disease or condition a patient is suffering from based on their symptoms and vitals. Diagnostic results are drawn from various tests such as blood cultures, X-rays, ECG, etc. All of these tests require certain types of consumables such as vials, ECG papers, glucose strips, etc. We provide a full range of such products.

  • ECG paper – EKG or ECG machines measure the vitals of a patient’s heart. They require a certain kind of paper on which these readings can be printed.
  • Glucose test strips – People with diabetes need to measure their blood sugar levels on a regular basis. A strip with a drop of blood is inserted into the machine to measure the accurate blood sugar level. The test strips are an essential product in glucose testing.
  • Vials – They are made of glass and store blood which is extracted from patients for clinical testing.

Dialysis Consumables – Dialysis is a long process and requires a lot of consumables.

  • Blood tubing –These tubing sets are designed to be more safe and efficient. They feature medication port, drip chambers, and color-coded clamps.
  • Transducer protector – This is used to prevent lines carrying blood away from the circuits of the machine.
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