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Hospital Apparels

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Hospital Apparels

Protective clothing is an essential equipment in hospitals as it not only protects the medical professionals from deadly pathogens and infections but patients as well. In sensitive areas of the hospitals, a person is always required to wear hospital clothes, as they are sterile.

Types of hospital protective clothing

There are various hospital clothes which cover and protect every part of the body. Medical professionals choose their clothing on the basis of their job requirements. Basic types of protective clothes are as follows –

  • Surgical Caps – it’s worn by hospital staff and patients, this prevents hair follicles from contaminating surgical suites
  • Safety Goggles – they protect the eyes from a sudden splash of blood, it is especially useful for surgeons
  • Surgical gowns – also known as hospital gowns, surgeons are required to wear these along with scrubs. This helps in to maintain a sterile surgical field and protects open wounds from contaminants
  • Lab Coats – a white lab coat is a traditional apparel for doctors. Although they don’t provide any protection, they have handy pockets to carry notes and stethoscopes
  • Disposable aprons – plastic hospital aprons are necessary for hospital personnel as they protect them from accidental projectiles of vomit, mucus, etc. The apron prevent the clothes from getting infected from pathogens

We at Medikabazaar understand that hospital environment should be sterile and infection free. Therefore, we provide hospitals with protective clothing which keeps the doctors and patients safe. Browse through our inventory and order now.

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