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Point-of-Care (POC) testing allows doctors and healthcare workers to accurately achieve lab quality results in real-time in minutes rather than hours. Through the use of POC, the patients get the right treatment when and where required. It helps doctors and staff create rapid treatment decisions while monitoring a patient in real-time. It improves efficiency and productivity and helps clinics focus on the most important task at hand, i.e. patients.

POCT can meet critical treatment needs of patients in areas where resources are limited.

Types of Point-of-Care tests –

  • Hemoglobin testing – a hemoglobin meter is used to measure the hemoglobin in the blood in real-time. It is useful in emergencies because of the ease-of-use. Strips used is called Hemoglobin Test Strip.
  • Blood Sugar – Glycated hemoglobin is referred to as hba1c. And the test which measures the average glucose concentration is called hba1c test. This is beneficial in determining blood sugar levels.
  • Urinalysis – A Urine Analyzer mimics clinical testing environment to perform automatic urine testing. The machine can measure protein, red blood cells, glucose, and bilirubin. Many variants of the urine analyzer come with urine strip readers.

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