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Medical Devices

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Medical Device - Definition

A medical device is any machine, software, instrument, or apparatus, which is used for the sole purpose of treatment, and diagnosing patients. The purpose of medical devices is to:

  • Control, diagnose, monitor and alleviate diseases.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or aiding for any handicap or an injury.
  • Control and treat a disease with or without the help of immunological, pharmaceutical and metabolic means.
Types of Medical Devices

There are varying types of medical devices which help in treating and diagnosing diseases of patients, based on the symptoms present. Doctors rely on the accuracy of the tools at their disposal to provide the best healthcare. Medical equipment can be as simple as a thermometer, glove, and stethoscope, or as complex as lab devices that are used for tissue culture, urinalysis, etc. Medical instruments and machines used in labs for pathological uses are –microscopes, centrifuges, cryostats, etc.

Medical Devices – Applications

Medical instruments are specially designed medical tools or devices that are used in the practice of medicine. Medical instruments, medical tools and surgical tools aid in performing numerous medical activities, such as investigation, diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment, replacement or modification of the anatomy, or alleviation of disease, injury or handicap, etc.

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