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Needle Destroyer

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Point-of-Care Testing

Hypodermic needles are used to withdraw and inject fluid from the body. Since the needles have been in the body they might carry infections and should never be reused. Reusing a needle may result in the spread of diseases and infections, therefore they need to be disposed of properly and carefully. Destruction of needles also prevents reuse by drug addicts and second-grade clinics. Healthcare workers also need to be cautious when operating a syringe as there is always a risk of accidental pricks.

A Needle Destroyer Machine is a compact machine which runs by electricity, it is used to destroy disposable needles and syringes preventing it from being reused. Some models of syringe needle destroyer also burn the needles which kill any kind of pathogen. The machine is secure and destroying syringes after use is a common worldwide practice.

A needle cutter for syringes cuts the nozzle of the syringe where a needle is attached, this prohibits the reuse of the syringe and works as a safeguard. It is equipped with a sharp stainless steel motorized razor and a sturdy base plate.

Medikabazaar understands the importance of disposing of needles syringes, improper use can result in the spread of diseases and can pose as a healthcare hazard. Browse through our range of needle destroyers and shop now.

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