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ICU & CCU Equipment

ICU equipment includes patient monitoring systems, Cardiac support, pain management and resuscitation devices. ICU and CCU patients require the best of the best care as they are battling death. We provide our customers with the most updated products in the market.

CCU or Coronary Care Unit is a specialized department of ICU which only deals with patients suffering from heart diseases. We have a vast variety of coronary care unit equipment listed on our website.

Below are few types of equipment available on our website –

  • Patient Monitors – help the hospital staff and doctors keep the vitals of the patient in check. Accuracy is paramount, and the machines we offer are tested by professionals, which leave no room for mechanical errors. The monitors available with us are but not limited to Vital Sign Monitors, Neonatal Monitors, and Emergency Transport Monitor, etc.
  • Defibrillators – when a patient goes into cardiac arrest they need to be given an electric jolt on their chest to restart their heart. The electric jolt from a defibrillator helps the heart get back into sinus rhythm. Doctors and paramedics in emergency departments require a defibrillator present near them at all times. We offer defibrillators of varying sizes, which suit the needs of Doctors as well as rescue personnel.
  • Ventilator – also known as a respirator, a ventilator helps patients breathe when they’re unable to breathe on their own. It inflates and deflates the lungs to mimic the movement of the diaphragm. They help maintain oxygen levels in the blood.

Be sure to browse through our entire range and shop now. Our equipment suit needs of every cardiac doctor.

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