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* Contains :
* Epidural needle ( tuohy needle) 16/18g x 80mm
* Epidural catheter ( multiport with mark ) 18g/20g X85cm
* Catheter adaptor
* Catheter guide
* LOR syringe 10ml
* Hydrophobic Epidural filter  0.22M,
* luer lock
* Spinal needle ( pencil point ) 25g x110mm (Not Include in Epidural Kit)
* Technical characteristics :
* Touhy type epidural needle provided with clear depth marking for accurate insertion depth reading . Polished inner bevel edge minimizes the risk of catheter shearing.
* Epidural Catheter with adaptor  It is specially designed for short term and long term anesthesia and pain relief.
* Separate twist lock connector is provided for safe & secure attachment to the catheter for convenience of the procedure.
* LOR Syringe- Specially designed LOR Syringe for clear identification of epidural space.
* Hydrophobic 0.2micron filter is provides additional safety & control against microbial infections.
* Sizes Passes through NG 16, 18.
* Individual Ephidural catheter, Needle , Mini sets are available.

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* MEDITECH Epidural Kits features a kink and crush resistant design which provides durability and dependability.
* Epidural Anesthesia Kit mainly consist of Epidural Catheter ,Epidural/Tuohy Needle, Threating Assist guide and LOR Syringe.
* These epidural catheters are Radio-opaque for verifying placement under X-ray with tapered stylet for easy placement and patient comfort and have depth markings for accurate placement.

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