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Nice Baby Incubator - 3010

Quick Overview

* The nice 3010 baby incubator is built to Embody precision, reliability and convenience
* Micro-processor controlled with simultaneous display of Skin, Air and Set Temperatures
* Thermistor based Temperature Sensor for accurate temperature measurement
* Memory Backup restores set temperature and control mode automatically, in the event of power failure. It helps to reduce the attention failure of users
* The centrifugal blower operation ensures intake fresh air for the infant, and minimizes the CO2 level inside the hood, always
* The withdraw able baby tray gives unimpeded access to the new born
* The unit has a built-in Humidity Chamber and integrated O2 Flow Meter
* The baby bed is tiltable at both sides, Head up and down, with externally operated Trendelenburg and Fowler s position
* The elbow operated ports allows easy access and eliminates cross infections
* Include Built-in Observation Light, IV Stand and Monitor Shelf
* Optional Features: Double Wall Canopy / Built-in Weighing Scale

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* Nice Baby Incubator - 3010

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