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Nice Infant Radiant Warmer with Cabinet and Skin Mode - 2010 BC

Quick Overview

* A Micro-processor controlled Infant warming system
* Two Mode of Operation Servo Skin and Manual
* APGAR Timer
* Feather Touch operation with large digital display and comprehensive alarms
* Thermistor based Temperature Sensor for accurate temperature measurement
* Memory Backup restores set temperature and control mode automatically, in the event of power failure
* it helps to reduce the attention failure of users
* The baby bed is tiltable at both sides for Trendelenburg and Fowler s position
* Easily removable and Unbreakable hinge with acrylic side panels to clean the subsequent usages
* The Heater Module easily pivots 90 degrees in either direction to facilitate other procedures such as X-rays without disturbing the baby
* Inbuilt Cabinet facility to store the records
* Optional Accessories  Oxygen cylinder mounting provision, Flow meter, X-ray cassette tray

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* Nice Infant Radiant Warmer with Cabinet and Skin Mode - 2010 BC

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