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Nipro Dialyzer Elisio 15 M

Quick Overview

* The Nipro dialyzers are designed and manufactured in such a way that patients undergoing Hemo dialysis do not suffer while the procedure is in course
* Ensure that patients go through a painless and gentle dialysis procedure
* They are made using Gamma sterilization techniques and hence are absolutely safe for use
* The design is such that no blood would remain in the dialyzer after the dialysis procedure is complete
* They ensure that the removal of waste products like creatinine and urea, from the patients' body is done with success

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* Sterilization : Gamma
* Package: 24 Pcs / Carton
Hollow Fiber Membrane:
* Membrane: POLYNEPHRON-
* Inner Diameter: 200pm
* Membrane Thickness: 40pm
* Header: Polypropylene
* Housing: Polypropylene
* Potting Compound: Polyurethane
* Maximum Pressure: 500mmHg

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