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NSK Endo-Mate DT (230V)

Quick Overview

Features :
* ENDO-MATE DT is savvy enough to retain careful rate and torque settings for up to 9 Ni-Ti documents from every real supplier.
* Its auto-reverse elements Widescreen working modes - autoreverse on, auto-stop, auto-reverse off.
* The engine responds when burden achieves the preset level of torque.
* With an on-off switch, it offers adaptability of sans pedal operation (a foot control unit accessible), while giving the comfort of a full handpiece with two-way control supply, either AC or battery driven.
Shelf Life: 1 Year
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Specifications :
* Variable Speed
* 9 programmable memory
* 6 head angles for ease of treatment
* Push type Ultra miniature head
* On/Off switch on a handpiece
* Widescreen provides high visibility
* Compact desktop unit for all types of rotary files

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