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Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner (Model: Marvel B-Scan)

Quick Overview

Primary Application:
* B-scan ultrasonography, or B-scan, which is a B-mode scan that produces a cross-sectional view of the eye and the orbit
* It is commonly used to see inside the eye when media is hazy due to cataract or any corneal opacity
Product Description:
* 12mhz b-probe provide high resolution imaging of the retina and orbit
* Real- time video recording play back and editing of b scan images.
* User friendly software controls
* Along with movable trolley
* 35-50mhz ubm probe provide high resolution imaging of anterior segment of the eye
* Contact/immersion method available in ubm
Features and Specifications:
* Probe Type: Contact Probe
* Frequency: 12.0 mhz(Optional: 10mhz and 20mhz)
* Scan Angle: 20° To 60°
* View Zone: 30 To 60mm
* Azial Resolution: 0.15mm
* Lateral Resolution: 0.20mm
* Depth Range: 43 Or 50mm From The Probe Tip
* Gain: Adjustable 1-128db
* Dynamic range: Linear 1-128db
* Auto TGC Zone Depth: ±100% Variable
* Distance Calipers: On B-SCAN Display
Controls and Toole:
* Gain: 1 To 128db
* Time Gain Control: 0 To 35 db Software Control
* Tools: Unlimited Angle,Calipers,Text,Area and Arrow Tool Measurement
* Zoom: Pre and Post Processing Zoom Control
* Printer: Standard Printer
* Data Exporting: jpg and pdf Format
* Patient Record Storage: Data Stored In System Hard Disc
* Image Exporting: jpg,avi,raw data File,pdf Format
* System Control Input Devices: Keyboard,Foot,Pedal,Optical Mouse
* Probes:B-Probes Operate From The Same Console With Upto 4 Probes Per Single Console
* Recording Time: 50 Or 100 Seconds Loop-through,Depend On Available Computer Memory
* Input Power Supply: 230 V AC,50Hz
* Power Consumption: 50W
* Net Weight: 24Kg and Printer 5Kg Approx.
* Gross Weight: 35Kg and with Stand 71Kg Approx.
Manufacturer: Appasamy Associates, India

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