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Ophthalmic Ultrasound Scanner (Model: Scan Plus)

Quick Overview

Primary Application:
* A Scan Ultrasound Biometry, commonly referred to as A Scan(Amplitude Scan) is routine type of diagnostic test used in Optometry or Ophthalmology
* The most common use of the A Scan is to determine eye length for calculation of intraocular lens power
* The other major use of the A Scan is to determine the size and ultrasound characteristics of masses in the eye, in order to determine the type of mass. This is often termed as quantitative A Scan
Product Description:
* Probe: 10MHz probe, built in fixation LED with flexible cable
* Large 320*240 Pixel LCD display with CCFL backlight
* Axial length measurment range from 15mm to 38mm
* Measurmet type: Auto / Manual
* Measurment Method: Contact / Immersion
* IOL power calculation formulas: SRK II, SRK/T, BINKHORST, HOLLADAY, HOFFER Q, AME, HAIGIS
* Patient record: 100 Patient Records can be stored and transfer to local computer through RS232 interface
* Printer: in-built high speed thermal printer
Features and Specifications:
* Scanning Method: Contact/Immersion Method
* Scanning Type: Auto/Manual
* Measurement Range: 15 To 38mm
* Accuracy: ±0.1mm
* Resolution: 0.01mm
* Frequency: 10Mhz
* Fixation Light: In-Build Red LED In Probe
* Sound Velocities For Different Medium: Default and also User Programable
IOL Power Calculation:
* Total Formulae: 7
* User Programmable IOL Configuration: 25 with Memory
* Real Time Clock: Available
* Display: Liquid Crystal Graphic Display with CCFL Back Light
* Printer: High Speed Thermal Printer
* Print Format: Users Programmable
* Maximum Patients Data Storage: 100 Patients
Electrical Specifications:
* Power Supply: 230V AC,50Hz
* Main Fuse: 2.5A Slow Blow
* Power Consumption: 50W
Physical Parameters:
* Dimensions: 260*290*142mm
* Weight: Net 4Kg and Gross 8.3Kg
Manufacturer: Appasamy Associates, India

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