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Polymed Single Lumen Catheter

Quick Overview

• Central Venous Catheter made of specially formulated and biocompatible Polyurethane material provides strength during insertion and also softens at body temperature to conform to the body tissues and reduces the risk and vascular trauma
• Specially designed soft & beveled tip for smooth & easy insertion of catheter
• Soft Flexible J-Tip Guide wire prevents the vessel perforation and also provides good torque to ensure firm insertion
• Sufficiently radio-opaque material of catheter with clear, definite marking facilitates correct placement of catheter tip
• Sterile ready for use
• Individually tray packed
• Also available (Novocent Pro) with kink resistant guidewire made up of nickel & titanium (nitinol) for extraordinary flexibility along with soft flexible J-Tip of guide wire prevent vessel perforation and provide good torque to ensure firm insertion, along with lipid resistant three way stop cock

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