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Respironics Synchrony BiPAP Machine (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

Features :
* BiPAP Synchrony is designed to improve patients'' life:
* Digital Auto-TRAK*! Sensitivity continually monitors and adjusts to the patients'' breathing pattern, and along with RiseTime allows for greater patient comfort
* The feature guarantees an average tidal volume for increased safety and efficiency
* Vent Ramp allows patients to adapt to their settings by slowly increasing inspiratory pressure level to meet the prescribed IPAP level within an adjustable time period
* A wide range of ventilation modes, from spontaneous to totally controlled modes, offers flexibility in treatment and adaptation to disease progression
* Alarms can be turned on to indicate patient disconnection, low minute ventilation, low tidal volume (with AVAPS), low battery and apnoea
* Monitoring of Data, such as Tidal Volume, Leak, Respiratory Rate, Pressure and Minute Ventilation, provides patients and caregivers with the knowledge of proper treatment and ventilator set-up.
* Available with an integrated humidifier to avoid dryness and improve therapy tolerance.
* Compact, lightweight design weighing only 1,8 kilos, allows the unit to be easily carried. The unit is DC-compatible and can be easily connected the Respironics external battery (Battery Pack, 7 hrs autonomy at EPAP/IPAP of 4/20cmH2O and 12 bmp)

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Specifications :
* The BiPAP Synchrony provides efficient and comfortable non invasive ventilation for chronic respiratory insufficiency patients, such as COPD, obese hypoventilation, ALS and neuromuscular.
* Synchrony can be adapted to meet a patient''s needs by offering flexibility in treatment options, as different ventilation modes are available (CPAP, S, S/T, T, PC modes + AVAPS*! feature) with a wide pressure range (4 to 30 cmH2O).
* BiPAP Synchrony provides Respironics advanced technology:
- Digital Auto-TRAK*! Sensitivity provides optimized trigger setting that automatically adapt to changes in leaks and changes in patient respiratory mechanics
- AVAPS feature guarantees the safety of an averaged tidal volume maintained while providing the comfort of a pressure support mode of ventilation Vent Ramp and RiseTime also aid in the delivery of comfortable ventilation.
* Compliance therapy and trends data collected from the SmartCard and then managed by Encore® Pro software help clinicians assess home ventilation effectiveness and adjust settings to maintain comfort and efficiency of therapy in the long term.

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