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Resmed Escape S8 CPAP (Refurbished)

Quick Overview

* Small, Light-weight System. Durable and Compact. This machine is built to travel.
* Manual Altitude Adjustment - Ensures that you receive the correct amount of pressure at different altitudes.
* Pressure Ramp (0 - 45 minutes) provides slow increase in pressure for extra comfort while falling asleep or any time.
* Automatic Power Adjustment (100V-240V) so you can be certain this machine will work overseas, with the proper plug adapters.
* Personal Assistant with customizable reminders. This helps guide you in utilizing downloads and reminds you to replace the mask, cushion, or even to change the machine filters.
* ResScan Data Card compatible for downloads and pressure or setting changes without the need to visit your therapist's office, or to track your therapy and compliance.
* Optional integrated heated humidifier utilizing the HumidAire 3i which delivers the extra moisture that may help keep you from drying out.
* Large LCD Screen for accuracy when reading the display or making setting changes.

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* Resmed Escape S8 CPAP (Refurbished)

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