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Romsons Bed Sore - Cell Mat


Quick Overview

Features :
* Low air loss, alternating pressure mattress.
* Help keep the skin dry and provide pressure relief.
* Keeps the interface pressure against patient's skin at a level below capillary occlusion.
* The pump operates at very low sound level.
* Pump can also be hung to the end of the bed by means of 2 hooks.
* Mattress can resist a temperature of -30 degree Celsius and supports weight of 110kg.
* Dimensions (LXWXH) 180 x 80 x 7.5 cms.
* Individually packed: kit consists of mattress, motor and spare cell.
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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Specifications :
* Bed sores, if not treated during stage I & II can cause severe pain and other related complications which includes formation of deep wound consequently leading to surgery.
* CELL MAT is recommended for the prevention and treatment of pressure sore stage I and II in long term and domiciliary therapies.
* Its unique alternating therapy increases circulation, thus decreasing the pressure to the tissues in bedridden patients and provides relief.

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