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Romsons VEIN CATH (IV cannula) 18G


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Features :
Vein Cath*! (GS-3024)
* Premium I.V. cannula with new improved features.
* Manufactured from fully automated CAD/CAM process.
* *Instant flash back indicator* ensures quick and secure cannula placement.
* Quick flashback feature ensures successful venipuncture.
* Blood confirmation along the catheter body facilitates access to vein.
* Specially designed transparent needle holder for clear and precise vision.
* Radio-opaque stripes run throughout the length for X-ray visualization.
* I.V. cannula has color coded injection port which helps in size identification.
* Sterile, individually packed in blister pack.
* Ready for use.
* Instant flashback indicator
* First prick success
* Easy cannulation
* Improved patient compliance
Shelf Life: 3 - 5 years
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• Romsons VEIN CATH (IV cannula)
• Size : 18 G

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