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Rotofog Turntable. (Unique Fogger Machine Turntable)

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Features :
* Unique turntable for Aerojet Steriz & fogstar fogging machines.
* Spreads aerosol fog in all directions (360o rotation) uniformly.
* Enhances space coverage capacity of fogger machine multiple times.
* Increases effectiveness of aerial disinfection treatment of large spaces.
* Useful in pharma, food processing, animal houses, medical device mfg. etc.

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Specifiction :
* Weight carrying capacity while in rotation - 20kg
* Power supply - 220/230v AC , 50 or 60hz.
* Machine body - Stainless steel.
* Rotation speed - 2 rpm.
* Scope of supply for Rotofog turntable does not include fogger machine.

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