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Shivam Dental Glass Ionomer Cement - GIC Type I

Quick Overview

Features :
* Suitable for large restorations.
* Excellent wetting properties.
* Stable.
* Low film thickness.
* High level of transluency for aesthetic results.
* Simple removal of excess material.
* Continous release of flouride.
* No known postoperative senstivities.

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Specifications :
* Glass Ionomer Type I is suitable for permanent cementations of crowns, bridges veeners and others facings. It can be used as a liner under composites.
* Luting of metal  based crowns,bridges,inlays and onlays.
* Luting of high-strength all ceramic crowns and bridges.
* Luting of metals-based and high strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges on implants abutments.
* Luting of metal root posts or indirect metal post core build-ups.
* Luting of prefabricated steel crowns.
* Luting of orthodontics bands.
* Kit Contains:- Powder 15g,Liquid 10ml, Mixing Pad, Spoon

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