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Shivam Dental Root Canal Obturation Cement

Quick Overview

Features :
* Zinc-oxide eugenol-based non iodoform root canal sealer compatible with all endodontic obturation techniques.
* Radiopaque for easy follow up.
* Dimensionally stable and non-resorbable for durable obturation.
* Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce post-operative flare ups.
* Conventional powder liquid presentation to adjust the cement viscosity to the obturation technique.

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Specifications :
* Root Canal Obsturation Cement is Permanent Root Canal Sealant with Dexamethasone, thymol iodide & Hydrocortisone Acetate ,Antibacterial, non inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals with extended working time and long setting time.
* Kit Contains:- Powder 20g, Liquid 10ml , Mixing Pad & Spoon

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