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Sigmax ICING System CE 4000 Cold Therapy Device

Quick Overview

Effect/Function Relief pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis and neuralgia by cooling. Decrease bleeding, swelling, pain caused by trauma
W * H * L (mm) 300 * 185 * 280
Weight Main Body 4.5 kg
Weight Hose 0.7 kg
Weight Pad 0.25 kg
AC Power/DC Input Ac 100 V, 50-60Hz, 240VA
Operating Temperature 10-30 °C (50-60 °F)
Target Temperature 0-30 °C (32-55.4 °F)

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    Constant and Precise Temperature Management:

  • CE 4000 enables the secure temperature control,keeping the preset temperature constantly. It
    will reach the preset temperature in 20 min.after the power on
    Temperature Adjustable between 0°C to 13°C:

  • In cold therapy, the ideal temperature varis based on the therapeutic purpose. with CE 4000, you
    can control the temperature anywhere from 0°C to 13°C (or 32°F to 55.4°F) depending on the
    patients symptoms

  • Silent Design:

  • Postoperative cold therapy has a beneficial effect in the case of cooling the affected area
    constantly. CE4000 is designed to be as quiet as possible not to disturb patients sleep or
    others While used in the multi-bed patient room

  • Error Alarm Function:

  • In case of trouble, the error code will appear in the temperature display (TEMP) and alarm

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