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Tanco plasma freezer vertical 4 cu ft.

Quick Overview

* It is ideal laboratory freezer to provide a perfect freezing environment for the preservation of vaccines, blood plasma, test samples, specimens and related blood components at desired temperature as low as -35°C.
* Also used for preservation of red blood plasma, white blood cell, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, biomedical product in small medium and large blood centers.
* Suitable for hospitals, drugstore, pharmaceuticals factories, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations and clinics.

GMDN: 61548
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* Freezer units are available in Ultra and Base Models with capacity to store 130 Plasma Bags to suit specific requirements of the Blood Centers.
* Robust construction Outer chamber is made of Mild Steel duly pre treated & finished with powder coated paint for lasting finish.
* Inner chamber made of STAINLESS STEEL SHEET (304 Grade).

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