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Technocare DVT Pump (TM - DVT-9)

Quick Overview

* Single Leg Operation Button
* One push of a button selects single leg operation
* Automatic Cuff Detection
* System identifies and adjusts pressure based on cuffs attached
* Compliance monitor/alarm
* Low profile, light-weight design
* One pump for calf, thigh and foot cuffs provides for ease of use and minimizes inventory
* Breathable and comfortable calf, foot and thigh cuffs available

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* DVT Pump (TM - DVT-9)
* Indications:
* Prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis
* VenaFlow Elite System combines normal inflation and graduated sequential compression to accelerate venous velocity and enhance fibrinolysis
* For the superior emptying of veins, VenaFlow Elite also incorporates asymmetric compression

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