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Waldent EndoPro 2.0

Quick Overview

* Ultraprecise motor originating in Germany, low noise and less vibration
* Large colorful OLED screen, all angles visible
* 5 working modes: Alone root-canal length measuring, Alone root-canal enlargement, Reciprocating rotary motion, Both root-canal length measuring & enlargement
* Six functions: Multi-Frequency length measuring skill, Normal enlargement, Automatic inversion in an apical zone, Reciprocating motion, Automatic deceleration in an apical zone, Automatic start/stop of a motor and Both Reciprocating and length measuring.
* Main accessories include: Contra-angle handpiece, File clips, Lip hooks and Measuring files, which can be sterilized in high temperature and pressure to avoid cross infection

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* Battery: 7.2V/1400mAh
* Adapter: 100V~240V 0.8A 50Hz/60Hz
* Revolving speed: 200~600rpm
* Torque:
* Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the file is less than 2mm closed to the apex
* Dimensions: 250mm*210mm*140mm

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