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Waldent Photographic Mirror Stainless Steel Set of 6

Quick Overview

* Made of high grade Stainless Steel
* Easy to use
* Fracture resistant
* Reflects approx 100% light , represent true colors
* Highly Polished, Rounded Edges
* Light Weighted
* High Durability
* Rust Free: Corrosion Resistant  Passivated
* Disinfection: Autoclavable at 135 degree celsius

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* Instrument Name: Photographic Mirror
* Type: Intraoral Photographic Mirror
* Category: Orthodontics
* Material: Stainless Steel
* Disposable / Reusable: Reusable
* Sterile / Non-Sterile: Non - Sterile
* Latex / Latex  free: Latex Free
<b>Prior to Sterilizing:</b>
* Prior to autoclaving, we recommend rinsing the mirror with soap and water to remove any surface contaminants. After rinsing, dry with a paper towel or cloth and place the mirror in a sterilization bag
* If you chose to use an Ultrasonic Cleaner to remove contaminants, please avoid placing the mirror in with other sharp metal instruments to prevent any scratching of mirrored surface
<b>Sterilizing Time: </b>
* Time: 15-20 minutes
* Temperature: 121C to 130C / 250F to 270F
* Pressure: 15Psi

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