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Ccube Wall Mount Warmers

Quick Overview

Features :
* A Micro-processor controlled Infant warming system with phototherapy
* Large bright display are easy to monitor and for viewing from a distance.
* Digital display system provided to measure the Infant temperature, Air temperature and to set the required temperature.
* Feather touch keys provided for easy operation.
* Bar graph LED system provided to indicate the heater output.
* Fault indications with alarm for:
o Baby probe failure
o Skin/Air probe failure
o 10 C temperature high, 10 C temperature low
o High temperature cut-off
o Power failure
* Dimension: 60 x 82 x 40 cm
* Heater:
o Material: Ceramic.
o Power: 1000 watt.
o Operating Voltage: 220- 240 V.
o Contains parabolic aluminum reflector behind the heater
* Temperature controller
* Dual Display Temperature Controller.
o Both manual and automatic modes
o Skin/Air probe (Skin/Air temp control.
* Three Display Temperature Controller.
o Both manual and automatic modes.
o Skin & Air probe (Skin & Air temp control.
o 10. Main power supply
o 230 V + 10
o Power cord: 3m, 6A
o Two 6 A fuses
* 11. Phototherapy.
* phototherapy assemblies on both sides of heater
* Contains 4 CFL tubes/ 2 Nos. 2 ft tubes/ 16 LEDs
* Body of the entire unit:
* Made of Mild steel.
* Colour: combination of 7035 (white) and DA gray (gray)
* Protection: safety earthing at 2 places.

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Specification :
* Category Treatment, Life Support, Therapeutic
* Type Digital
* Application Gynecology

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